January 26, 2006

The post with the fix for the annoying sku011.cab problem has moved over to technotes



  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. legendary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. this is absolutely amazing!!!

  4. You are da bomb!

  5. THANK YOU! i hope this gets bumped up in the google search for sku011.cab, because this worked EASILY and INSTANTLY.

  6. Speceia Thanks

  7. Error are gone & updates are done.
    you get #1 useful search result for the week.
    Thanks so much kind person.

  8. thank u it is very useful

  9. Simply the best.

  10. Unbelievable, how on earth did you find out that that would fix the problem?

  11. I was trying to remove one of these obscure Handwriting things installed with Office Pro 2003 and kept getting that sku deal because an admin had installed it over a network, whose path was now non existant.
    Searched google for a while before I came across this.. it worked!

    Thank You

  12. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. I’ve been struggling with this problem for a month… Thank you very much. You’re my new techno friend!

  13. simple & clever;

    thank you!!!

  14. You wanna send this to some of the other forums as there are topics going back months that still haven’t solved this.

    Great work

  15. So easy and simple. Been trying to fix this for weeks. Can’t Belive how easy this was. Wonder why MS can’t fix this. Cheers!

  16. Excellent!! I’m glad I found this solution within the first day.
    However, I had three download codes. I changed all three even though this is a company computer and I’m not supposed to. It worked!

  17. That worked out great for all my microsoft office items. Thanks

  18. Didn’t work for me 😦

  19. Didn’t work for me either.

  20. This really works!! so simple – so easy. I just cant figure out why microsoft hasnt this solution on their site. In fact, if you type in skuo11 in their search, it comes back negative!
    Anyway thank you very much, I coulnt find your name/moniker?. but thanks again. regards, george

  21. WOWW!! It really works. Thank you bro. U r d BOMB!!

  22. You rock, i can’t believe that it worked! Nothing ever works for me and it did!!! Anyone who reads this first, try it!!!!!

  23. You are the man.

  24. thank you, it worked exelent!

  25. I panicked when I saw this message as I have just purchased external HDD and havn’t had time to run back up, but WOW thanks, your a life saver.

  26. Thank you very much. This is amazing.

  27. Great fix. Thanks!!!!

  28. I tried this but I got error saying
    “error 1311.Sourse file not found D:\MSO Cache\All Users\90000409-6000-11D3-8CFE-01500-48383CD\YS561401.CAB.
    PLEASE HELP//////

  29. cooooooolllllllllllll………

  30. I got the same message, “error 1311.Sourse file not found D:\MSO Cache\All Users\90000409-6000-11D3-8CFE-01500-48383CD\YS561401.CAB.

    please help…Thank You

  31. Wow! How’d you figure that out? Thanks spent the whole day googling for a fix and it was this simple!

  32. Didn’t even know there was such a program to run. Learn something new every day. Thanks.

  33. Got same series of messages: “Error 1311.Source file not found…”

    So, I looked on the MS Office CD and found files that were ALMOST the same name. I copied these files to the folder specified in the error messages, renamed them to the filename specified in the error messages, and clicked Retry. It worked!

  34. Super,Simple and Effective

  35. Thanks so much, you have no idea how much frustration you just relieved.


  36. You rock!!!

  37. Awesome! Thanks so much!

  38. Worked perfectly. Thanks.

  39. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. You are an absolute genius thank you so much, after battling for 1 hour without my installation disk you have just solved it. You clever Creature….

  41. Thank you so much. You saved me the hassale of acquiring the disk from my main office which is very far away. Thanks thanks thanks u are a genuis!!

  42. Thanks a lot. Best regardas. Héctor Vásquez

  43. Por que da otro error ??????? no me funciona

  44. Hice el cambio con el regedit pero aparece otro mensaje POR QUE ????????’

  45. Caralho, puta que o pariu, vc salvou minha vida , esse negócio deu certo !!!!

  46. You know what you are amazing

  47. Thanks so much – have spent 5 hours trying to find a solution. Worked in 2 seconds…..thanks heaps….

  48. Absofrigginf*c*inglutly wonderful!!!

  49. This has been driving me nuts for months. Thanks.

  50. you’re the best!!! it’s solve my problems in a simple click… thank you very much!

  51. Is this a scam, because it didn’t work

  52. Worked perfectly. Thanks.

  53. Help! It didn’t work for me. I did it exactly as you said and I changed the 2 to 0 but I now get another message telling me I need some file named ‘PRO11.MSI’. What do I do??

  54. Amazing – been suffering this nonsense on laptop for months, and just using desktop instead. This should be the only response on Google to a search for ‘SKU011.cab’. Many thanks – saved this page to favourites to share it with similarly frustrated folks!

  55. It works! you’re a genius.

  56. oh wow i love you. life saver

  57. Thank you So Much !!!!!

  58. thanks nice fix

  59. No more microsoft nightmares…THANK YOUUUU!!!

  60. Cheers mate! That was so helpful – I wasn’t able to open any of my Excel files until I found your solution – You’re a star!

  61. This is nothing to help me please say it more elaborated and specific

  62. SWEEEEETTTTTT…Thank you!!!!

  63. Worked instantly: what a relief 🙂
    Thx a bunch!

  64. Great! thanks for the info.

  65. I just found this webpage on Google when my Excel was acting up, and it worked great! Whoever posted this, you have no idea how much help you’ve been to so many people. Thanks!

  66. Wow, how did you get to that solution. It was annoyin to see this error pups up whenver you breath. I was about to call 911. Thank you!

  67. Perfect but what i do not understad is how the error occured in the first place

  68. I’m about to cry !!!! THAAANKKSSS!!! from frustration to total JOY. YOU’RE GOOD !!!

  69. Thank you so very much!
    This was so very helpful.

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